LCA Iron (DTPA) - 500ml

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This form of Iron (DTPA) is an necessary part of the trace element mix as it is very important for plant health in aquatic plants.

Provides 0.60ppm Iron when dosed at 3 pumps (6ml) per 100L


Shake bottle before use

Dosage rate for 100L Tank

Use 3 pumps for every 100L 

Repeat 2 times per week o


For Advanced Users:

3 pumps (6ml) per 100L 

will yield the following

Iron (DTPA) 0.60ppm



Fe-EDTA which is commonly available in Bunnings/Garden shops etc is very "easy" and rapid for plant uptake, but the trade off is that it does not last long in the water column solution.. this iron chelate is stable at pH below 6.0. Above pH of 6.5, nearly 50% of the iron is unavailable,therefore this chelate is ineffective in alkaline environment.This chelate also has high affinity to calcium, so it is advised not to use it in calcium-rich soils or water.

Fe-DTPA ( LCA Product ) - It takes a bit more energy, but last several days, so the Fe is available to the plant longer, this iron chelate is stable in pH levels of up to 7.5, and is not as susceptible to iron replacement by calcium.

Fe-EDDHA - this chelate is stable at pH levels as high as 11.0, but it is also the most expensive iron chelate available.