About Us

Cooranbong Aquatics based in Morisset NSW Australia, our aim is to provide you with high quality mail order aquarium fish, with high quality service.For our local customers we also have a retail store at 9/99 Dora street, We only sell the best products and livestock from only the best sources.


We stock a full range of Fresh and salt water fish, plants, corals and invertebrate as well as all the equipment and supplies needed. We also have Extensive industry knowledge and if we dont know something we have the resources to speak to people who do. We can also help when things are going wrong, disease, sickness, water quality issues and tank crashes we have a solution and plan of action available for most things.


What sets Cooranbong Aquatics apart is our unique store set up. You get the benefits of great customer service and advice, just as a local fish store even when your not local, but via message and email, but all the benefits of shopping online in the comfort of your home. We ship most of Australia, but we'd still like you to think of us as your friendly local!


We also have an extensive Social media net work that includes Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.