Anubias Medium Assorted

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Anubia , an aquatic and semi-aquatic flowering plant mostly found in the tropical western and central part of Africa. It is characterized by dark, thick, and broad leaves which exist in different colors. The plant species was named after an Egyptian god – Anubis commonly called God of life. Because of its easy maintenance culture, the plant is popularly used in aquariums. The plant can easily add a long-lasting splash of rich green color to an aquarium.

Mostly advertised as Anubias Batteri, the plant type abundance in most stores cannot be under rated. Some of the anubia variations that are available in the market include Anubiasbarteriglabra, Anubiasbarteri round leaf, Anubiasbarteribarteri, Anubiasbarteri broad leaf and Anubiasbartericaladiifolia found.

 Its natural growth rate is a bit slow – mostly produces one leaf every 3 weeks. While Anubia leaf steams is capable of growing up to 83cm, its leaves length and breadth can be up to 40cm and 14cm respectively. It’s worthy to note that their light and nutrient requirements are quite low. For this reasons, herbivorous fish cannot feed on it. Regarding reproduction, most people increase their anubias herd by cutting up its rhizomes.

Anubias plants may be sold in attachment to things like lava rock, driftwood, suction cup, or other decoration. When planning to buy AnubiasBarteri, it’s crucial for you to consider plants with lush green leaves, a thick rhizome and a healthy set of roots.