Balloon Molly Assorted 3-4cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Balloon Mollies come in a host of varieties and colours including blazing oranges and subtle greens which make them a great species to own and keep in a tank. Balloon mollies have a shorter rounder body then other mollies.

Peace loving, and good natured, Balloon Mollies are the ideal community fish and tend to thrive in semi aggressive environments. While Balloon mollies are primarily freshwater fishes, they prefer to have a little salt in their environment. In fact, some people  keep them in saltwater aquariums. Being a live bearer, getting Balloon mollies to breed is not a problem at all, the problem is to keep them from breeding! If your purpose is to breed them, than make sure to keep them in a separate tank because the babies can be eaten by other adult fishes.

Versatile and unique, a Balloon molly can be the perfect fit for your diverse tank to add a bit of flair and colour as well as activity.