Bleheri Sword

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Bleheri sword is a lush, green plant that stands out as one of the most popular aquarium plants due to the fact that they are both fast and easy to grow. This makes them one of the best for beginners. The Bleheri can reach up to 20 inch/50cm or even taller in size.  It is usually used as a background plant in large aquariums due to its large, green leaves which cannot be unnoticed, making it a perfect point of attraction in your aquarium. It is easy to plant the Bleheri sword. You just have to stick it into the substrate. It is necessary to ensure that the roots are properly covered. This will stop it from flowing back to the top. The Bleheri sword being a fast grower, it is usually demanding of some extra nutrients, such as root tabs. Simply put them near the roots when planting and see the magical plant that grows out.