Blue claw yabby 10cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Yabbies are fascinating fishes that have the ability to thrive both in tropical and cold water. This fish when caught may seem quite bland, spotting a dull brown color, but if preserved in freshwater, they can turn out to be one of the most colorful fishes present having shades of electric blue, pale blue, orange and off-white highlights. Though they are congenial, accepting basically all fish species as tank mates, they, however, don’t fail to express their displeasure when they feel encroached in your tank.  In doing this, yabbies’ often fight and nip at fins of other fishes. For proper housing, we recommend that you have only two yabbies’  of equal size per regular sized tank bearing in mind that an adult yabby can grow up to a length of 20cm. The territoriality of yabbies’ towards new yabby tankmates may be remedied by removing all the yabbies’ altogether and rearranging the rocks and setting of your tank. Once you do this, bring them all back in at the same time, this way the yabbies’ will think they are in a new space and be more accepting to their kind.  Keep the water temperature within the range of 12°C and 20°C though they can adapt to warmer and colder temperatures.

Yabbies are scavengers by nature; they should take out every sinking food that fishes eat as well as peas, disks of carrots, potato peels, spinach and most kinds of fruits.