Blue Emperor Tetra 3.5

Cooranbong Aquatics


Experts have all described the Blue Emperor Tetra as a very peaceful species, most of this professional also described this species as reserved and unwilling to compete with other species who are more energetic and boisterous that it is. The Blue Emperor Tetra inhabits mainly forested areas, and is found in tributaries that flow slowly off the main river channels; they are endemic to the upper Rio Madeira basins of Brazil. The adult Blue Emperor Tetra grows to a length of 3.5cm (about 1.4”) and would require a tank size of 50 liters to house a small group of its kind. The Blue Emperor Tetra is best kept in a medium having a temperature ranging from 24-27°C and a slightly acidic pH. Thankfully, the Blue Emperor Tetra have no special dietary requirements; they feed on frozen stuff such as brine shrimp, daphnia, and similar foods, this species also accepts most prepared foods.