Boesmani Rainbows 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The boesmani has a purple or bluish-grey front that fades into an orange-red rear, with an ability to grow to a length above 10 cm especially when they are well fed and kept in the perfect habitat. The friendly nature of the boesmani allows it to enjoy growth in groups and it can as well be kept with different fish species.

The boesmani would prefer weakly aquiline P.H Conditions being a relatively hardy fish. Barbs, loaches and rainbow fish will go well with the boesmani in your tank. There is a preference for a school of at least 4, for a feeling of security, so as to come out into open water.

The boesmani is an omnivore that accepts flakes, pellet, and frozen food such as Mysis, brine shrimp, and worms. You can have plants in your tank as that would not serve as diet.