Borneo suckers 3cm

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The Borneo sucker (scientifically known Gastromyzon Farragus) is native to the Malaysian Borneo. This very interesting freshwater loach is revered for its distinct body colouration, which features white spots and blue highlights on its fins. In designing an aquarium fit for the Borneo sucker, you must ensure that there is sufficient water flow; this is to ensure that the water itself is very clean as it is very sensitive to changes in water quality.

You should ensure that your Borneo sucker is maintained in groups, it makes a great tankmate with tetras, rasboras, gobies, hillstream loachies and other congenial fish species. You may also keep your Borneo sucker with dwarf shrimp as it benefits the sucker both as a housemate and a meal. The Borneo sucker is loved by hobbyists because of its unique hydrodynamic shape and beautiful body designs; it’s animated and active social behaviour and its long lifespan when kept in good conditions. You would need to ensure that the tank temperature does not go beyond 24 C or below 20 C and that the pH level is maintained within the range of 6 – 7.5, also that the water hardness stays between 4 – 8 dKH. They are omnivorous and as such will eat most of any meals you provide, although be careful not to give them a diet too high in protein as this may lead to serious health problems and even death. A minimum tank size of 20 gallons is deal for accommodating your Borneo suckers.