Celestial Pearl Danio 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


If you have ever seen what a Celestial Danio looks like, you will instantly realize that it has the potential to be an instant and excellent selection for any aquarium owned by anyone.

The body of the Celestial Danio is a dull and deep blue, akin to the night sky, whereas glittering gold spots are scattered uniformly along its length, giving the impression of a billion stars etched onto the dark night sky. And if that wasn’t enticing enough of a view, the tails and fins feature a jolt of bright orange, perfectly complementing its overall dark and bright contrast.

In terms of personality, the Celestial Pearl Danios are very peaceful and thrive amongst other peaceful fish. When it comes to their community, they like to dwell in decently planted tanks that have also been furnished with ample driftwood and rocks. Yet despite the hiding places that they prefer to have, they are very active fish and like to swim around. Hardy and not fussy about their eating habits, the Celestial Pearl Danio is perfect for all fish owners.