Colombian Tetra 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Colombian Tetra is an intriguing member of the aquatic family. The Colombian tetra is larger than the average tank stroller, semi-aggressive towards others who don’t match up to its size and may even fin nip fishes that possess larger fins. They perform a lot better in schools or shoals that have a minimum of six other members and have been observed to behave a lot better when in their group. Just like their name suggests, the Colombian Tetra come from Colombia in South America.

To tell the sex of a Colombian Tetra, we note that the female Colombian tetra is slightly thicker when with eggs. The diet of the Colombian Tetra includes common aquarium foods like frozen and fresh feed and flakes.

Colombian tetras are advised to be quarantined and observed before releasing them into the tank, to monitor for disease and also to make sufficient food available.