Congo Tetra 3.5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


As the name suggests, Congo tetras come from the Central African Rivers of River Congo. Congo tetras are strikingly beautiful characins of African origin, evolving mostly bigger than most of its kind. Congo tetras have a compressed body that may appear elongated, having a coloration that is iridescent. In overview, the midbodies of the Congo tetra have gold stripes, and their flanks often come with a hue of turquoise or violet. The fins of the Congo tetra are well preserved; their colorations may vary from a lovely purple to violet. 

To best house a Congo tetra, you need a tank that can carry a minimum of 30 gallons, and of course, it is recommended that you breed your Congo tetras in schools of eight fishes or more. To best bring out their beautiful coloration, the Congo tetras need room to swim and a healthy pH level.

Ideally, Congo tetra prefers water of 6.0 to 6.5 pH level, with a preferred temperature range 24 to 27°C.