Pearl Gourami 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Pearl Gourami hails from Asia, the swampy area where the water is often on the acidic side of the pH; this is one fish that has been named by several other names like the Lace Gourami, the Leeri Gourami and much more. Pearl Gouramis are characteristically peaceful and gentle; they can share a tank with most community fish types without causing any hitches. Despite their gentle disposition, Male Pearl Gouramis tend to get very aggressive with themselves during spawning season, especially with females around. At this point, you would need to put a tank divider or leave just one male in the tank while returning the others to the store. Interestingly, even the one male can still harass the other females in time, so you must be on the lookout!

The diet of the Pearl Gourami is guaranteed not to give you much of a bother because they accept most fish foods available. When you provide them with a quality flake food, do well to complement it with a live of the frozen freshwater fish cube. You are encouraged to feed them with more live and frozen freshwater food if you plan on breeding the pearl gourami.