Corydora Hastatus 1cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Corydoras Hastatus (better known as the Dwarf Corydoras) is a really small fish that grows to be an inch long. This fish that is mostly found in ponds and originates from the river basins of Amazon and Paraguay in South America may also be referred to as the Dwarf Catfish or the Pygmy Cory, and come in three recognized sprecies – C. Hastatus, C. Habrosus and C. Pygmaeus. The Corydoras Hastatus are best kept in small schools in an aquarium of the volume of 10 gallons or more that is well planted so that they can wander by the plant leaves. To groom a happy Corydoras Hastatus, you must ensure that the water conditions are perfectly fit for its habitation. The Corydoras Hastatus enjoy a pH range of 6 to 8, a water hardness ranging from 5° to 20° DH and a mild temperature that doesn’t go beyond 28°C or beneath 25°C. Female Corydoras Hastatus typically attach their eggs to the wall of plants or tanks and will hatch within 9 days.

The Corydoras Hastatus are characteristically peaceful and should be housed with other small and peaceful species. They feed on small crustaceans, plant matter and small worms when in the wild and would accept a diet of sinking algae wafers, micro pellet food and shrimp pellets.