Corydora Pygmaeus 1cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Corydoras Pygmaeus is a fish endemic to the basins at Rio Madeira in Brazil. This dim lighting loving fish is found in small tributaries, pools, creeks and areas with thick vegetation covered with water. The Corydora Pygmaeus moves in populated procession and stays near marginal vegetation and the root of trees. The Corydoras Pygmaeus would thrive favourably in a mild temperature of 22 to 26°C, having a relative pH ranging from 6.4 to 7.4 and a hardness of 2 to 15°H. In feeding the C. Pygmaeus, you must be mindful of the size of the feed so that consumption can be easy since they typically come with small mouths. They will accept virtually all dried foods, provided they are well grounded before being introduced to the tank. If you would like to see your Corydora Pygmaeus really come out lush and colourful, you must ensure that their diet features small live foods and frozen foods, namely Artemia nauplii or Daphnia.

The Corydoras Pygmaeus do not pose any violent threat to other tankmates because they are naturally peaceful and congenial. Nonetheless, you may want to reconsider making it a community fish due to its small size, as they could starve or be preyed on by bigger fishes