Crown Tail Male Betta Fighting Fish - Assorted

Cooranbong Aquatics


If there is any fish that is elegant, beautiful, and intimidating at the same time, it is the famed Fighting Fish.

The male Fighting Fishes or Bettas have beautiful, long, flowing fins that glitter with remarkably dazzling colors and add scenic beauty to your tank with flashes of colors as they swim past. Their colors range from bright solids to subtle, camouflage-able shades, and also to wild patterns. Bettas can generally be kept in tanks with other fishes of comparable sizes but be wary of putting two male Fighting Fishes together in the same tank without separators because they will do as their name suggests: fight. They are territorial and do not get along with the same sex.

While these Bettas did originate in shallow waters, they should be given ample space and temperatures should be kept relatively warm as they will become quite idle in cooler waters and because easily sick and shortens their life.