Dwarf Chain Sword -Broad

Cooranbong Aquatics


Considering plant size, chain sword is regarded as the smallest of the available sword plant species. Other names for this plant species include Grassy dwarf sword plant, narrow leaf chain sword, pygmy chain sword and dwardburhead. It’s carpet-like and dense natures are reasons to the plant for a small aquarium. In the bigger aquarium, chain sword can be used as mid-ground or foreground plant. Most aquarium enthusiasts love this plant because of its easy maintenance culture. The plant is common throughout the North, South and Central America. It mostly exists in the wet sand somewhere on the coast of rivers, floodplains, and shores of rivers.

The chain sword is considered as an annual and perennial species of plant. It’s much possible for it to expand up to 1.5mm and grow up to 10cm long. Its leaf blades are approximately 25cm long and 1-2 cm wide. The chain sword stem is erect, thin and in fact curve most times. If placed under proper aquarium condition, it’s capable of forming a dense carpet with several runners. The plant is indeed a good choice for a carpet plant due to its ability to cover the substrate. It has much potential to create a very rich environment for those microorganisms which young fishes feed upon.