Dwarf gourami Pairs 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Dwarf Gourami hails from the cool shores of India, they are known for two major traits, both of which aquarists find to be invaluable. The first quality is their beauty; the Dwarf Gourami is widely attractive featuring diverse bright shades of colour for especially the male species, female Dwarf Gourami comes through to be mostly grey shaded. Popular varieties of the Dwarf Gourami include the Blue and the Flame red colours. Another trait they are famous for is their hardiness – the Dwarf Gourami is not just pretty to look at but very sturdy and resilient. Their adaptability skills are amazing, and they can leave through a wide range of water conditions.  They are additionally easy to care for, posing no special requirement for breeding and management. Experts observed that the Dwarf Gourami have the unique capacity to get violent with other fishes of same species, so for peace reasons, you might want to keep a small number in your tank, most hobbyists suggest at most one Dwarf Gourami pair per tank unless you have a large tank.


The diet of a Dwarf Gourami is simple; they are receptive to most fish feed including freeze-dried, frozen or live foods and flakes. Try to keep them in a medium having a pH range of 6 – 8 and a temperature of 25°C - 28°C, the water hardness is advised not to exceed 20° dH or go below 5° dH.