Electric blue yabbie 5-7cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Electric Blue Yabby (scientifically known as Cherax albidus) has been referred to as a simple variation of C. destructor because of their many similarities. Electric Blue Yabby is a fish that is endemic in Freshwater regions, that carries a pale blue about its body. The adult Electric Blue Yabby can grow to a length of 20 cm and are really resilient with a high capacity to adapt in cold or tropical water; however, their preferred water conditions include a temperature range of 12C - 20C, a pH level of 7 to 8. A note of warning would be not to display live plants in their tank because the Electric Blue Yabby has a knack of having a go at plants, nipping off at its leaf and stem, another caution would be to ensure that your tank is always covered, Yabbies are adventurous and would often try to come over the tank.

When raising an Electric Blue Yabby, be sure to create for it a hiding place for it, one that it can adopt as home so that they have their place in your tank. They are receptive to a wide menu of fish food and can regrow parts of their body in a matter of months under the right conditions.