Cooranbong Aquatics


The Emerald Eye Rasbora is a species of fish that have bright sparkling green eyes. The beautiful fish has a green reflective eye just like the Christmas light. Originally, they are from the Asian parts of the world, apparently from India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan.

The attractive Emerald Eye Rasboras are originally from heavily vegetated, sluggish blackwater environments, such as shallow forest streams, and pleat swamps. However, they can thrive well in a heavily planted softwater aquaria, with such tanks having many hiding places as well as thick vegetation and driftwood. The fish will feel more confident and comfortable when on a dark background, as this will also help bring out their best colours.

They feed best on frozen foods such as Cyclops, baby brine-shrimp, mini bloodworm, daphnia and mosquito larvae. Micro pellets and crushed flake are also perfect for them. Emerald Eye Rasbora also do well with other Rasbora species in the same aquarium.