Fire Claw freshwater crab

Cooranbong Aquatics


Fire Claw Freshwater Crab is one interesting aquatic nature. They are very easy to keep. Many people keep them in community aquariums, whereas, they are best kept in a single species low-end brackish paludarium. Scientifically known as Perisersama bridens, they are also known as Sersama bidens. Fire Claw Freshwater Crab are naturally found in Asian mangrove swamps, and they can do well in freshwater as well as salty water. Also, they are mostly found in shallow water, tropical temperatures and ground with fine sand.

They should be housed in a minimum of 23.5 cm x 60 cm paludarium, with enough access to land. Water changes should be on a regular basis and should be filtered. The land area should be sandy with multiple hiding areas. Rocks and aquarium plants will make the habitat more natural for them.

They feed well n bloodworms and a tiny piece of raw fish and prawn. They can also eat regular fish foods.