Firemouth 4-5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Experts often recommend the Firemouth Cichlid for first-time aquarists and beginners who are only just getting to work with cichlids. One of the reasons why the Firemouth Cichlid is identified as a great start fish is because of their impressive resilience. The Firemouth Cichlid is extremely hardy, and as such, they stand strong in the face of a wide range of water parameters. Nonetheless, it is advised to host them in their recommended water condition which is a temperature range of 22 to 26°C, and a pH that ranges from 6.5 to 7.5. They are available in multiple shops and are often inexpensive, making them a great budget fish for your aquarium. When fully grown, you will have a Firemouth Cichlid that is a little over or below the expected length of 6 inches; it is probably best not to keep live plants around your Firemouth Cichlid as they have a knack for going for the substrate held by these plants. If you would like to breed this fish, we recommend you include to your tank an overturned flower pot or something similar, as they prefer to keep their eggs in concealed (or covered spaces).

The Firemouth Cichlid is not a selective feeder as they will accept almost anything when it comes to fish food, they do however enjoy flakes and live (or frozen) foods.