Glass Catfish 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


One of the most peculiar freshwater fishes you can add to your aquarium, the Glass Catfish is a must have for any tank or aquarium. Any fish that is also called the Ghost Glass Cat deserves a place!

This catfish is unique in the manner that its body appears to have been made of glass as its name suggests. This is due to very low pigmentation in its body, skin, and scales. Because of this fact, you can clearly see their vertebral column and other internal organs such as their swim bladder, the experience of which makes for interesting and fascinating viewing for visitors and the caretaker alike.

Apart from their stunning appearance, they are also very peaceful and friendly fish as well as unproblematic in terms of the amount of the care they require to be taken care of them.

However, it is essential to remember that Glass catfish are true schooling fishes and must be kept in schools at all times otherwise they enter a state of stress which is harmful for them.

All in all, an exciting addition to any fish tank!