Gold Spot Pleco 5-6cm

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The Gold Spot Pleco is a fish that originates from the Tocantins River basin located in South America; this species is peaceful, congenial and calm. A Gold Spot Pleco will exist peacefully with other fishes regardless of if they are peaceful or semi-aggressive. It is advised, however, that when keeping a school of Gold Spot Plecos that you don’t place them together with other fishes who nip at fins, it is also advised you don’t keep with other plecos as they can get territorial and aggressive.  When feeding the Gold Spot Pleco, experts recommend that you provide plenty of vegetable matter, algae wafers, spirulina pellets and peas. Also, spice up their diet by feeding them with frozen bloodworm and pellets from catfish such as shrimp pellets or carnivore pellets. Female Gold Spot Plecos when mature appear to be wider than their male counterparts when viewed from the top.