Golden Gourami 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Golden Gourami is a beautiful looking fish that makes a nice addition to any aquarium. They are peaceful and calm provided they are kept with tankmates that have sizes similar to their, smaller fish gets to be preyed on by them, so please take note. Much like most gouramis, the males are aggressive towards each other; if you must have golden gouramis in your collection, you must ensure that they are kept in groups or schools so that the aggression is evenly spread.

The Golden Gourami can be bred conveniently in an aquarium when it is time to spawn, you would observe the creation of bubbles nests by male golden gouramis at the top or surface of the water, these nests hold the eggs as soon as they get fertilized, and they are gathered still by the male gouramis. Experts recommend that once fertilization has taken place, you should ensure that the female golden gouramis are vacated from the tank to another as their male counterparts tend to trouble them a lot. Feeding golden gouramis are relatively easy, they are omnivores, and this implies that they are receptive to both flake foods and frozen foods such as mosquito larvae and brine shrimp.