Hair grass Pots

Cooranbong Aquatics


Scientifically called EleocharisParvula, the hair grass is a common choice of plant hobbyist when adding plant life to an aquarium. The plant is widely used as tanks carpets. Its seaweed-like vibe makes the aquarium motion an obvious one. Hair grass can be an extra touch that moves either a novice or an experienced aquarist tank from ordinary look to a great appearance; without any doubt, the plant is good when it comes to creating carpet in the aquarium. To install as carpet, it’s recommended to create 1-2’’ space between each plant.

Maintaining the plant is much easy. Hair grass is suitable for areas with low light levels and much carbon dioxide. The low lighting condition makes them a perfect choice for your nocturnal themed aquascapes. Just like other aquarium type plants, the strong presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) will trigger faster growth in this plant. A dense underwater lawn can become a hiding place for the offspring fish in the aquarium. Such hidden region can serve as protection against the bigger fish. Additionally, dwarf hair grass is used for breeding the egg-laying fish which feeds on their eggs while spawning. With hair grass, it’s also possible to create a separate breeding fish tank.