Java Fern Assorted - Large

Cooranbong Aquatics


Looking for a low light hardy plant then you cant go pass Java ferns. With water ph; the range of 6.0 to 7.5 and an alkalinity of 3-8dKH, Java fern does great with the absence of carbon dioxide. It neither grows in soil nor water. Instead, it grows when it is  attached to either driftwood or a rock in the aquarium.

The concern is sometimes raised by the plant hobbyists when there are black lines on its leaves. It’s important to note that those black lines are part of Java ferns. Therefore, fear shouldn’t be raised when seen. Black bumps can as well surface when new leaves begin to sprout.

The Java fern reacts negatively when its roots are buried in the substrate. It is also possible for the plant to grow extremely slowly or even die completely when buried. As far as nutrition is concerned, Java ferns absorb nutrients through its roots. This, therefore, implies that the plant strives well when its roots are perfectly attached to pieces of wood instead of being buried in the substrate.

This aquarium plant will flourish better with several tropical fishes. Because of its bitter taste, the herbivore fish don’t feed on it. The Java Fern will surely provide harmless hideouts for the smaller or breeding fish and the small fry which are trying to escape being eaten by their adults. You’re advised to be careful with large crayfish varieties, as they can destroy anything in the tank.