Java Moss- Golf Ball Bunch

Cooranbong Aquatics


Java moss is a popular plant commonly found in Java country and its neighboring Asian countries. The plant popularity across that stated regions can probably be due to its easy installation, growth, and care. It’s fantastic to see the wonderful plant thriving in any tank without a base layer. No wonder it’s a favorite choice of several aquarium hobbyists.

Although it doesn't need it, for rapid growth, it will be important to saturate the Java Moss with more lights. Addition of fertiliser can also helps with Java moss growth rate. The plant ability to easily grow in water qualifies it for carpeting solutions in any aquarium. Stunning carpets of Java Moss are produced easily through its attachment to plastic mesh, which can be placed on the substrate or near the side of the aquarium to generate a living wall.

Just like other mosses, Java Moss lacks true roots. It absorbs nutrients through the leaves. The plant can get mature either through free-floating or by sending out rhizoids so it can attach itself to rocks, decorations, driftwood, etc. The more Java Moss grows,the better it spreads both horizontally and vertically in rows and thus forms dense tufts of heavy growth. To keep it in good condition and shape; it’s advisable to trim the plant as it grows. Those trimmed pieces can after that be used to produce new plants.