Kuhli Loach black 6-7cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


These eel shaped kuhli Loaches are bottom dwelling omnivores that are easy to look after and a pleasure to look at.  Kuhli Loaches possess a slithering, long body akin to an eel which is bathed in a salmon or pinkish colour. The body of the Black Kuhli Loach is as the same suggest a black in colour. While they do prefer to be kept in medium to soft water with a slightly acidic to neutral pH, they are hardy fishes, and tend to adapt to their surroundings quickly.

Unique and dashing, any tank could use a little bit of exciting variety which can easily be availed with the help of the little Kuhli Loaches. Just make sure you keep a school of kuhli Loaches as they hate being kept alone.