Kuhli Loach striped 6-7cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


These eel shaped kuhli Loaches are bottom dwelling omnivores that are easy to look after and a pleasure to look at.  Kuhli Loaches possess a slithering, long body akin to an eel which is bathed in a salmon or pinkish colour. The body of the Kuhli Loach is littered with dark brown striped that either partially or fully encircle its slender body, making for an interesting contrast. While they do prefer to be kept in medium to soft water with a slightly acidic to neutral pH, they are hardy fishes, and tend to adapt to their surroundings quickly.

Unique and dashing, any tank could use a little bit of exciting variety which can easily be availed with the help of the little Kuhli Loaches. Just make sure you keep a school of kuhli Loaches as they hate being kept alone.