Mixed veiltail angel 3-3.5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Did you know that you could literally put an angel in your aquarium? The Angelfish has all the characteristics of our perception of an actual angel- it is a beautiful, majestic, elegant, and peaceful entity that will grace the waters of your tank with color and delicate magnificence.

These freshwater fishes boast incredible variety, existing in a number of colors and designs to make it difficult for you to select your favorite! While these are generally somber fishes, they certainly have perky personalities. They can become rather territorial when it is time for them to breed and are generally aggressive eaters, meaning they will rush to the top of the tank when you give them food so it is better to keep them away from slow or passive eaters. However, they do not pose any problems in what they eat as they generally do not have any preferences.

Interesting and beautiful, Angelfish are a popular choice amongst fish keepers and it might just be what you are looking for as well!