Murray River Rainbows 4cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Easily distinguishable by an olive green or bluish brown coloration, the Murray river rainbow, is a slender-bodied fish with a narrow head and an arched back. There are dorsal fins on this fish with relatively large eyes. A general coloration of rows of turquoise and green scales between fine reddish stripes describes the outlook. The coloration of the male intensifies during breeding becoming emerald green. The female is a duller toned version of the male.  10.16 cm is the average of the full-grown rainbow fish, which can live up to 5-8 years.

The Murray river rainbow is a very hardy fish which is particularly aggressive, making it a survivor. There is a high rate of tolerance for water temperature. Being a very active swimmer, the ideal tank should be 30 gallons or more. Being a skilled jumper as well the tank lid should be kept covered.

Flake food, occasional pellet, live fishes, brine shrimps, blood worms and white worms, vegetable food and meaty food, are all on the diet of the Murray river rainbow fish and Feeding should occur two or three times daily but should only be served to a quantity, consumable within 5 minutes.