Pacific Blue Eyes Rainbow 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


If you are looking for some inhabitants for a planted tank, then look no farther than the Pacific Blue Eyed Rainbow fish. The most common of Blue Eye Rainbow fish, the Pacific is commonly found in brackish rivers of Australia but can be easily kept in freshwater and can add a new dimension to your aquarium.

The colours of the Blue Eyed Rainbow fish beautifully diverse fishes vary from a subtle tannish silvery shade to a bright, shining yellow which is perfectly complimented by large, bright, blue eyes. Their fins and tail size also vary greatly fish by fish which is why they add a unique element to your aquarium collection.

If you want to prepare your tank for them, make sure to put in sufficient hiding places as they like to hide, and also aim to put in some plantation as it makes it similar to their habitat’s environment. blue eyes are, overall, a peace loving fish that are great community members and are non aggressive.