Pakistani Loach 4cm

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The Pakistani Loach is also known as the Yoyo loach or the Almora loach. It is a freshwater fish that is a member of the loach family – Botiidae. The Pakistani Loach comes from slow running and still waters located at the Ganges basin in northern India and even Nepal. It is important that the quality of your water is kept up, this logically implies that you must rid your tank of Ammonia, nitrites and the nitrate readings on your aquarium test kit must have a low reading always. The Pakistani Loach can thrive on a varied diet; their dietary requirements are not strict as most species of the loach family are scavengers. The Pakistani Loach is resilient and is not strict towards water conditions. However, they have observed to seem to prefer mildly acidic water of pH range from 6.0 – 7.4 and a temperature range of 24 – 27 C.

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