Paraguay Tetra 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


Paraguay Tetra (Aphyocharax nattereri) is also known as the Dawn Tetra. They are originally from the South American countries of Paraguay and southern part of Brazil. They can be found in streams, rivers and tributaries, and they are usually shaded by floating covers. They do well and can survive well in an aquarium. Just the perfect fit for aquarium lovers.

Breeding of Paraguay Tetra is similar to that of other Tetra species. The minimum tank size to rare them should be at least 30 gallons, and they should be kept in a group of six or more. They also prefer a dark substrate and background as they are used to that from their natural habitat. In order to get more natural feelings, the aquarium should be provided with floating plants, driftwood branches and roots.

As for Paraguay Tetra’s diet, they will accept most dried, fried, live and frozen foods. They can feed on mosquito larvae, brine shrimps, flakes among others. Paraguay Tetras can be kept with other Characins, as well as Loricariids, Apistogramma and other South American dwarf cichlids.