pictus catfish

Cooranbong Aquatics


While catfish tend to be mostly quiet and peaceful, not showing much activity except for drifting along with the lowly waters at the bottom of the tank, the Pictus Catfish is arguably as active as a catfish can get which is why it makes for an interesting species for your tank.

While these catfishes are rather small in size, they like to have ample space for their movement and abode. But while they are very active for a catfish, they are not at all aggressive. They show no aggression towards other fishes and make for peaceful tankmates. However, caution must be taken and a conscious effort must be made to keep them with larger or similar sized species as they may eat fishes smaller in size than them, such as smaller tetras.

When found in nature, they tend to swim around in shoals of their mates which is why getting a school would be better than getting a solitary Pictus. Regardless, these are interesting fish and would enhance the feel of any aquarium.