pristella tetra 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Pristella Tetra is one of the recommended fishes for beginner hobbyists for the simple fact that they are fairly hardy and can thrive in a wider range of water parameters when compared to other tetras. You are likely to notice the calm nature of the Pristella Tetra when you keep it in a school of a fish fishes (no less than 6) although they tend to be wary when kept together with larger sized fishes. The adult Pristella Tetra does not grow beyond 2 inches with their females appearing rounder, apart from the Pristella Tetra, they are also called X-ray tetra due to their nearly transparent body. The Pristella Tetra features an endemic black stripe across the mid center of its dorsal fin.

Though like other tetras, the Pristella has a simple but healthy diet (which includes the expected flakes, frozen, live and freeze-dried foods), it is a general rule of thumb that you keep them for a few weeks in a separate tank before introducing to the other tank mates so that can adapt to the water conditions.