Tiger Oscar 6cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Oscar Cichlid which may be referred to as the Red, the Tiger Oscar or the albino is available in some variations in colour as the olive-green, albino, brown and a dark shade of grey. Oscar Cichlids are known to grow up to 14 inches and are to be housed in an aquarium that can hold 75 gallons of water or more. Oscar Cichlids for their growth are pretty messy, and you would need an efficient draining and filtration system to keep your tank clean. With time, the Oscar cichlid rearranges their space and dig up plants, so you would need to reconsider if you plan to keep live plants around these busy fishes. You would also need a substantial hood for your tank as the Oscar cichlid is a heavy jumper. The Oscar Cichlid fish will accept mostly pellets, flakes and frozen or dried foods. The Oscar Cichlid fish may also take in live foods including other fishes that is small enough to be taken in by them.