Riffle shrimp 3-5cm

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The Riffle Shrimp (scientifically named Australatya Striolata) earn their name from their characteristic nature of being found in riffles, sections of the creek that flow fast and shallow. They are endemic to the easterly flowing creeks that are from Northern Queensland and go down to Victoria, Australia. This fish has the capacity to grow past 6cm body length, as some Riffles have been reported to be 8cm long. For breeding purposes, you must ensure you have Riffle shrimps that are above 4cm long and those that are below because this fish changes its sex from male to female when they become 3.5 – 4 cm long. The breeding procedure itself is not difficult; the entire life cycle of a Riffle Shrimp is carried out in freshwater. You may feed adult Riffles a brine shrimp as it is excellent at conditioning them. The Eggs are carried by the female Riffles, and they hatch out as small adults. The diet of both the adult Riffle and the small Riffles are the same; they do well with flake food as well as other feeds and algae. They have the unique attribute of being able to learn feeding times and to use their filter feeding feet to grab food items that move along in the water current.