Rosy barb 3cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Rosy Barb (or Rosey barb) is popular for its energetic nature, and the vibrancy it delivers to any tank. The Rosy Barb which is often to referred to as the Red barb by some experts is not troublesome, but may playfully nip at fins sometimes if you fail to place them in small schools of not less than 5 fishes. The Rosy Barb is known scientifically as Barbus conchonius and is very resilient. This quality makes it a recommended fish for beginners who are just getting to having aquariums. The Rosy Barb grows to the maximum size of 4 inches when it reaches adulthood and can live for up to 4 years with the right water conditions. They require a water condition that has a pH level of no more than 7, and no less than 5.9. A temperature range of 18°C - 26°C would do along with a water hardness of 5° to 15° dH.

When breeding a Rosy Barb, it is important that you make a tank size of 20 gallons or more available first, then ensure that lots of broad leaf plants are present in your tank for them to scatter their eggs on when its time.