Ryukin Goldfish 13cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


A type of Fantail Goldfish originating from the Ryukyu islands as its name suggests, the Ryukin Goldfish is as unique a fish as any.

The Ryukin Goldfish has a round body with an extremely high back and a pointe head, a look that makes it stand out in a throng of other fishes. Along with a very distinct body shape, these also have large tail fins and a dorsal fin which further enhance their beauty with translucent coloring. Speaking of color, these come in a variety, ranging from reflecting white paired with bright orange to bright red, green, blue and a number of other combinations.

Goldfish have a knack for being replaceable fish but this specie is a hardy one meaning it can tolerate many conditions. So if you feed it regularly and keep the tank clean, these will survive and thrive for long. Very active fishes, these are a treat to watch in the aquarium as well.