Santa Claus Swordtails 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


If there is a fish that has been tested as a pet for ages and has passed every test with literal flying- or swimming-  colours, than it is the promised Swordtail. Easy to look after, peace loving and good natured, along with being extremely colourful and diverse in qualities, the Swordtails are an automatic pick for any tank.

These kinds of fishes are extremely hardy meaning they can survive most conditions and will not easily die due to dirty water or unsuitable conditions, although you must take note that these are freshwater fishes and like a bit of salt in their water. Their name comes from their infamous sword shaped tails at the end of their long, yet bulky bodies which look majestic as they swim in pairs or in schools.

They can also be kept with most other fishes as they are peace loving and rarely show any eager competitiveness or aggression to other fishes.