Scissortail Rasbora 5cm

Cooranbong Aquatics


The Scissor Tail Rasbora in some regions is referred to as the Three Lined Rasbora largely owing to the horizontal black bar that starts on its mid-section and runs across the length of their body. This intriguing fish also possesses a uniquely shaped tail that gives it a distinct style of swimming; the tail appears to open and then close in the manner of a scissor while in motion, this is the reason it is named as the Scissor Tail Rasbora. This fish (scientifically known as Rasbora trilineata) is characteristically easy going and nice to tank mates, it is very active and will bustle with life at the top part of your freshwater fish tank. The Scissor Tail Rasbora which has an average life span of 5 years should be housed in a tank of no less than 20 gallons, the temperature of the tank should bother between 22°C and 26°C, with a water hardness that can alternate within the range of 5° to 15° dH. The Scissor Tail Rasbora is a recommended fish for first-time hobbyists because of its slightly hardy nature and the ease at which they can be managed.

Feeding this fish should be painless; they are open to foods that may be frozen or freeze-dried and also to flakes. It is also good to ensure that they have dried bloodworms every now and then (at most once every weak), while maintaining a quality flake food as the main part of their diet.